Guitarism (sparkle_frog) wrote,

And they tell me that any boy who makes you cry isn't worth your tears..

something broke inside of me, obscuring all else. despite the protests of my mind, my eyes let fall, ending the drought. Raw, open, unbound, a half year of pain finally triggered into something more. A sadness, yes, but an acknowledgement.
And I am flawed, in caring, and flawed in my fears. I could never be the perfect girl for anyone, but it still hurts that the first person to even pretend to find me attractive doesn't care. And I tried to tell myself but my mind wouldn't hear it. Until..

but that, that would be giving the game away, showing just what a broken, defective creation i am, mourning a closed door now that I find it will never open again. I'm tired, and I can't be strong or optimistic anymore. How could i want someone i don't even respect?
(because that was my sole chance, in second rate eyes from a twisted as fuck mind)
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