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Still no net credit. It’s likely to be a skint week, as I didn’t work terribly many hours last week, but i did borrow from the transport kitty to buy some books on my way home last Tuesday, in some sort of pathetic diversionary attempt directed at the chuck reflex. It was a mild success, but probably I shouldn’t have. Egad I’m tired. I feel like a funfun walking zombie. And no, still no net credit. (which I already said, thus proving the zombie like state). Shirene and Lacey aren’t in form yet.. maybe the form rooms changed while I was away? Bloody hell, it was only three days. No, here’s Nina, this is still my form room. Hurrah. Leo’s meeting today lunchtime, English oral period 6, have to hunt down the chemistry teacher about that missed test.. ideally period five- I doubt I’d have any success purely based on an EVM scale of cnsciousness. Whee, look at all the pretty yellow elephants.

ooh, here is lacey, and sheeny and sara. Logging off…
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