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I know, shame on me, I've been neglecting this journal. I've actually kind of moved to technicolour_me, because I wanted to put the pretty words somewhere else, all collected, and chose a place where I couldn't get the title I really wanted [technicoloured, or technicolour_dreams] but I didn't care. There's also a colloquial journal that I've been living on, [pixsky], because that's where all the MacRob girls and random Melbourne high people are. When I'm being a student, when I'm being a 'peer', and when I'm teasing Bec about her inherent argumentativeness, I'm there. Right now, though, I'm not any of those things, so I'm here. Don't worry about chasing up the backstory, the above is just standard change of address stuff, anyway, for those of you who're wondering how we got to this post from the previous one about weepiness.

All present and correct? Right then..

Just put my father on the plane to the States, which was the sort of scary experience that used to be reserved for trips to Lebanon or the Balkans. After he disappeared behind the departure lounge doors, my mother started crying. Until Lauren arrives on Tuesday, it's just us. I'm hugging her, and reminding her it'll only be a short while- total fucked up role reversal thing, but I can deal. In that moment, she was like a fragile thing. Instincts towards protection did not, however, stop me insisting on driving home. [Heh. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who repairs traffic islands between Tulla and Melton.] We detoured, taking the opportunity to bond over shopping as we *never* do. We're not usually a 'bonding' family, but it really felt like it was just us two and the world. We sat in starbucks and talked, really talked, which was surprisingly pleasant and comfortable. I think it's nice not to be seen as the enemy for a change- possibly for both of us.

Detoured into Dymocks, where I bought a novel called The Baghdad Blog, formed from the blog entries of a guy whose pseudonym is Salam Pax. Anyone who wants a more insider perspective of the war than they get on CNN or Murdoch press should both read the book and check out the actual blog. Looks, so far, to be extremely good. Anyway, that's my recommendation for the year, but as I tend to collect lj friends who're at least approximately as liberal as I am, then I have great hopes that you'll get something out of it, too, and all that html stuff was not in vain. Go. Read. Become Enlightened.

Thank Deity-Non-Specific- (damn it's hard work being Agnostic. I'd claim Atheism instead, probably closer to the truth, anyway, but then who would i thank?) -for International motorsports and hence five day weekends. All I've done with it thus far, despite self promises of mailing leos and catching up/getting ahead in school, is finish writing first Aff. Debate for "We have more to fear from George W. Bush than "the axis of evil", but that's ok. Because it's still a long weekend. Debating, why? Partly because I like the topic, and partly because I got bullied into joining debating by the captain, who sits three down from me in English. Am actually terrified of delivering this speech in front of anyone, especially opposing side and own team. I guess I'll either survive the first debate or have a nervous seizure and start randomly shouting "Purple!" at people, so either way it should be an interesting experience. If you know me, and you know when and where the scary debate is to be held, I forbid you to turn up. On pain of much scariness. *grr* . Being on the team's actually kind of fun- i'm alternately told off for being too quiet and too "crazy left wing communist/socialist freak"- which i think is the Cap's way of saying 'liberal'. *sigh* At least I was able to answer their question "So, is Afghanistan the capital of Iraq?" *facepalm*.

Weird little side-affect of five day weekend was working on Thursday to compensate for missed hours this wednesday (went and saw 'Stolen' for English. Play about the stolen generation. both heartwrenching and good.) What was amusing about work was running into Floor Guy, who was I think trying to cold shoulder me or whatever. This, aside from the inherent amusement factor, was funny because whilst it seems to be meant to be some sort of vengeance because I apparently "rejected him"- callous bitch that I am- or whatever store gossip has passed on to the bottom of the grapevine recently. Either way, am amused at not having to deal with the whole 'Floor Guy' saga, for whatever reason. Refuse, therefore, to feel like a total bitch.
Slightly bewildered by new random 'Grocery dude' (yet another work person)- saying hi to me- by name- as I have no idea who this person is, and haven't worn a nametag in six months. Still, at least I'm not getting six or eight mundane messages on a daily basis from him, or getting in trouble from work for 'flirting' because he won't go away, or having him make assumptions on my intellect with no actual basis other than awareness that the extend of my vocab is at least 'hi'. So, Grocery dude is quite possibly a decent human being.

That was 'the Update', hope you enjoyed it. In summary, life is (as per usual) somewhat strange and hectic, not to mention inexplicable. Floor Guy is no longer an issue. I'm in a perpetual state of terror over missing relatives and, to a lesser extent debating. Everyone should go read The Baghdad Blog, and hug their mothers.

How're you?
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